Supply chain training with a twist

What makes us different

Knowledge sharing and growing in supply chain maturity remains a huge success factor to innovate and empower the efficiency of your current business processes. Truth be said, Solventure Academy is not the only nor the first company that will offer advanced training in supply chain topics. However, we have the strongest conviction that the company deserves more than its place in this domain, because we have a few cards up our sleeve, which make us different.


Process Knowledge

First of all, our training content and approach are founded on vast experience in real-life implementations of supply chain process improvements, in various industries on a global and local scale, and do not remain a purely theoretical exercise.

Our takeaways enable the team to start their own journey on improving their skills step by step. Each new insight can immediately be put to practical use into your planning processes. Our hands-on and energetic approach learns employees to be self-supporting and always questioning, with continuous improvement in their mind.

Academic research

To stay ahead of the curve and deepen our own S&OP knowledge, we collaborate closely with universities and others in the field of analytics and modelling. This enables us to share new insights into our training programs.

Therefore, supporting and incubating academic research on various topics concerning supply chain planning is part of our DNA. Be it on leading indicator forecasting, multi-echelon inventory optimizations, promotions forecasting, or other. Wherever academic results were achieved, the Solventure group has made sure they are made into actionable and practical results and approaches in a short time. And, as a result, supporting businesses of all kind to tackle their challenges ahead.


Training Expertise

Solventure Academy clearly didn’t pop out of thin air. We have accumulated our experience through successful S&OP software implementations over the past decade where training served as a trigger to create a common platform for idea sharing and continuous improvement.

As in most cases, training was a differentiator to encourage teams to face the next hurdles in their supply chain. To enable focus on training approach, content generation, and continuous knowledge sharing, Solventure Academy will now take up these training activities as a separate business unit. And thus pursue the excellent quality standard our customers deserve.

Change Management

To initiate further improvement in your S&OP process you need to make sure everyone on the team understands the upcoming challenges. Support of your team is crucial, communication is key. We help you bring your message and fill up the gaps between the different levels of expertise of your employees, make sure they are aligned and understand the similarities, differences, and synergies between their role and that of their colleagues.

Each step in S&OP maturity requires more advanced knowledge and techniques to tackle the supply chain challenges that come your way. Therefore, we step up as a long-term partner to provide tailored training according to the needs of your S&OP journey.

Change Management

Enable Further Growth

Level up in S&OP maturity by putting theory into practice with tailored training content.