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Some new training formats proposed by Solventure Academy as a first step into remote training sessions

Sacha De Backer

Trainer, keynote speaker and Director @Solventure Academy

To: our website visitors
From: Sacha De Backer, Director @ Solventure Academy
Subject: our new online dimension

As you know, one of the strengths of Solventure Academy is the interactive and engaging way of delivering face to face training, both open subscription and customized in-company training.

And then came Corona … So, completing our training offering with online formats was a logical next development in our service offering. Without loosing our core business, we’ve listed a few of these online programs below which respect the social distancing rule; 1 open subscription format and 2 formats that can be tailored to your company’s current status. 

Have a look, read more info below and let’s e-meet again soon!

Stay safe!

Accelerator Days Compact

The Fresh Connection

Tailored training for your team

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Thanks for your interest in our Accelerator Days Compact edition!

Registration for this edition is closed, but we’d love to keep you informed.

In case you have questions or remarks, mail us now! 

Accelerator Days Compact

Organizing our quarterly 3-day supply chain training is clearly too optimistic considering lockdown regulations, and even if relieved of measures companies will need to spend their time wisely.

Therefore, we want to bridge the current period with a special edition; Accelerator Days Compact. During 3 sessions of 1/2 day, we want to guide a limited group of attendees through supply chain concepts. Our aim is not to try and squeeze the regular Accelerator Days in 3 half days, but to put concepts of the Accelerator Days into the perspective of the current corona crisis. Breakouts and exercises in smaller groups will be set up with this perspective in mind.

What to expect?

  • We follow the same logical flow as in our regular Accelerator Days, being:
    • Module 1: Demand Planning and Product Management
    • Module 2: Inventory and Supply Planning
    • Module 3: Executive S&OP and Segmentation
  • Organised in 3 afternoons from 13.00 to 17.00 (details on online arrangements will after registration)
  • Participants will work in groups on exercises related on this perspective, e.g. how to manage the impact on my demand patterns due to corona crisis, how about inventory calculations, where could s&op help, what about the financial implication, etc.

What do we expect from our attendees?

  • Prerequisite for the participants is that they are familiar with most of the basic supply chain concepts. We’ll provide a limited amount of preparation material to all attendees.
  • 4 hours of your precious time to join an interactive and online session
  • A good internet connection & webcam


  • Session of June 2020 is closed. Depending on lockdown regulations we’ll look for new dates
  • Save your seat for the module(s) of your choice by completing this form
  • Price for 1 module is €199,- (excl. VAT)
  • Price for the full program of 3 online sessions is €599,- (excl. VAT)
  • Once you’ve completed our registration form, we will provide you with a login to join the online session of your choice
  • Early bird discount of 25% until May 15th!!
  • need more info: Get In Touch with the Solventure Academy team!

The Fresh Connection

Solventure Academy is a certified provider of ‘The Fresh Connection’. This is a supply chain learning experience built around a cross functional business simulation. The goal of this game is to help build true alignment between functions while developing skills and knowledge in the people who need them most. In it’s orginal form, this game consists of various rounds and depending on your company and player profiles, one can add multiple variants to make it even more realistic.

During these special times, The Fresh Connection also offers some online versions of the original format which are suited for remote training sessions. One example is a FREE 2hour introduction including an interactive voting session. It provides you with the right leverages to improve the collaboration up to teams of 30 people.

…’free’… so what are you waiting for? Use this momentum to gather your Sales, Finance, Production, Procurement, Management, Purchasing, … and illustrate the importance of an end-to-end supply chain process!

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We're getting ready!

Thanks for your interest in our FREE introduction session!

We’re setting everything up in order to have a request option. In case you can’t wait to know more, mail us now! 

Get In Touch

We're getting ready!

Thanks for your interest in our FREE introduction session!

We’re setting everything up in order to have a request option. In case you can’t wait to know more, mail us now!  

Tailored training for your team

Yes, one can go a long way by training on standard, off-the-shelf material alone. However, parts of that generic content, are most likely no fit to your business challenges. And other very useful parts would require some more in-depth explanations than what generic content usually delivers. Within Solventure Academy we believe that training is the starting point to unlock new potential and ensure the immediate generation of benefits for your company’s processes. It’s also a vision that goes beyond the standard, off-the-shelf training material.

So, in a nutshell: we will train your team on what is needed even during lockdown. By organizing online session, we’ll unlock the potential of your team and ensure the immediate generation of benefits for your company’s processes. That why we look forward to discuss how we can mix different elements into a tailored training session that supports your internal project.

Let’s mix, match & reshuffle valuable content, simulations games, surveys, preparation material,… and create a perfect online training for your company.

Have a look at our available resources

Bearded Supply Chain Guy

We’ve created a Youtube Channel with short videos in which our Bearded Supply Chain Guy explains supply chain terminology in two minutes. Here are 2 of the videos.

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