Improving supply chain knowledge based on maturity and need

Training formats

P U B L I C   T R A I N I N G

I N – C O M P A N Y   T R A I N I N G


Accelerator Days aim to improve the S&OP skills of professionals and make them aware of the impact they have on the Supply Chain Triangle.



A portfolio of different business games, but also supply chain simulation games, that help teams in acquiring skills through experiential learning.



Boostcamps are in-company training sessions tailored to the needs of the team and support them in taking the next step in Supply Chain maturity.



Workshops for executive teams related to the integration of supply chain, finance, and strategy. Based on books by Prof. Dr. Bram Desmet.


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Keep upgrading
in S&OP maturity

Solventure Academy is a Business Unit of Solventure created to empower the knowledge of Supply Chain Professionals. Training professionals or teams to levels on which they can put their acquired skills to proper use to support the business in all its aspects is key and vital to keep your company ahead of the competition. Solventure has built up thorough experience in implementing an S&OP process through the use of the Arkieva Software Suite for more than a decade. Solventure Academy adds to this success by creating various training formats like Accelerator Days and in-house Boostcamps to power up the S&OP experience level and to unlock new skills.

“To enable focus on training formats, approach, content generation, and continuous knowledge sharing, Solventure Academy will now take up training activities as a separate business unit within the Solventure Group, and thus pursue the excellent quality standard our customers deserve.” – Sacha De Backer, Director Solventure Academy

It’s our ambition to guide Supply Chain Professionals through their individual journey in S&OP maturity with an interactive and hands-on approach. As such we are ready to take you along from the early start and give you the concepts and tools you need to gain decision power and control over your business process. Even when these processes have no secrets left for you, it’s always wise to look beyond your own role and responsibilities to enable alignment with other planning processes.

Together we’ll enable a common platform on which you can share best practices and level up the skills of all planning teams. Once you move to higher management we’re still your guiding partner to provide you with some new strategical insights to be the game-changing expert that takes his team to the next level. Each of the training formats, whether it is an Accelerator Days or a tailored Boostcamp, promises clear working points to take along and to start your own S&OP journey while pursuing balance on all angles of the Supply Chain Triangle.

Power up your experience levels and unlock new skills to accelerate your supply chain planning process improvements in one of our open training sessions like Accelerator Days or Charger Sessions. Or initiate a more tailored approach to upgrade your team’s skills targeted at your specific challenges on S&OP. We’ll give them just that boost they need.

“The team became more confident and is now able to change settings to further improve the process, while understanding the impact it will have on all related departments.”

Black Belt Service & Inventory Manager

“This was an effective session to optimize the inventory, imparting a great deal of information in a short time which gives me the confidence to start applying this at work.”

Project Manager

“It was important to gain knowledge from external professionals who focus on improving the existing process, helping us understand the tooling and level up the experience of our team.”

Global SCM professional

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