Upgrade your team’s skills on specific challenges in S&OP

Boostcamps as part of your in-company training program

Do you want to organize training and improvement workshops, but seek to avoid generic and mostly theoretical content? Looking to let your employees become a self-supporting and always questioning team, with continuous improvement in their mind?

That’s where our Boostcamps come into play. These training sessions fill up the gaps between the different levels of expertise of your employees. Our goal is to make sure your employees are aligned and understand the similarities, differences, and synergies between their role and that of their colleagues.

Tailored to your needs

Yes, one can go a long way by training on standard, off-the-shelf material alone. However, parts of that generic content, are most likely no fit to your business challenges. And other very useful parts would require some more in-depth explanations than what generic content usually delivers.

So, in a nutshell: we will train your team on what is needed. That’s the best way to unlock their potential and ensure the immediate generation of benefits for your company’s processes.

What do we expect from you?

To guarantee alignment with your demand and have a successful workshop, Solventure Academy takes the initiative to have multiple contact moments. This will support the process of defining the final agenda for the in-house training. These moments are planned in agreement with the customer in the run-up to the training.

  • Interviews
  • Finalize agenda
  • Maturity assessments
  • Training schedule

Results that last

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In our opinion, the goal of training should not solely be to upgrade the knowledge of the individuals in your team. But to get even more out of our Boostcamps, we always aim to make the team, as an organism so to speak, self-supporting, ever-learning, and continuously seeking for improvement, after the training sessions have come to an end. This way, knowledge can stay in the group, regardless of individuals leaving or joining. And over time, this knowledge accumulates and grows, rather than depend on the expertise of who is part of the group at any given moment.

It’s a vision that has proven its efficiency. It’s a vision that we care about. It’s also a vision that asks for much more than standard, off-the-shelf training material.

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