Strategy-Driven Supply Chain

Strategic insights on supply chain, strategy and finance

Sharing insights and knowledge on supply chain topics is essential for all management levels within a company on the condition that the content reflects the challenges and hurdles they are tackling. In order to provide a platform for strategic discussions and business excellence, the Solventure Academy organizes Discovery Sessions. These conferences are designed to create, discuss and challenge the holistic view of supply chain and how the alignment of the different planning processes can be established.

So, are you in charge of connecting the dots of a business strategy with a supply chain strategy while linking this to the right business performance metrics? Then we’re eager to network with you on our next Discovery Session.

Discovery Session: Keynote on strategic Supply Chain topics

During a Discovery Session, we focus on strategic supply chain topics. This session can be the starting point to sharpen your vision of how different supply chains should support your financial and strategic objectives.

What to expect?

  • workshop: sharpen your vision and create common insights for your company
  • level up: look beyond your own role & responsibilities and enable further growth for your company
  • network: content of the workshop is based on the books by our CEO, Prof. dr. Bram Desmet

Obviously, the Discovery Session targets executive teams that operate on management levels were translating the business strategy into supply chain KPI’s is one of your responsibilities. However, we strongly recommend the participation of anyone that has a vote in this process and wants to discover or learn more about the Supply Chain Triangle. So, are you’re in charge of connecting the dots of a business strategy with a supply chain strategy while linking this to the right business performance metrics? Are you convinced that spending time on expanding your knowledge is never wasted? Then Bram hopes to engage with you during this session and provide new insights in your journey towards business excellence.

Welcome, all of you!

Our main speaker:

Prof. dr. Bram Desmet
Prof. dr. Bram DesmetBook author & Keynote Speaker
By interconnecting supply chain, strategy and finance through financial metrics, Bram shows how supply chain has become the centrepiece of the strategy discussion.

His publications:

As an author, Bram Desmet seamlessly combines academic theory with industry practice, including showing how all aspects of the business are interconnected via his groundbreaking supply chain triangle concept. The following links will guide you to his two books, a must-read for organizations that want to translate their business strategies into practical supply chain metrics and thus change the way their business works.


Looking for more information about the workshop? Send us your request so we can give you a helping hand.