Support your own internal Supply Chain Academy

Your in-house S&OP academy

Do you want to extend the supply chain knowledge of your employees with external insights and examples? Are you looking for some hands-on and practical cases to lift up your internal supply chain academy or enterprise program?

Solventure Academy will be that long-term training partner who helps you to create a platform for the different levels of authority so they can design, support and execute the company’s S&OP vision.

On all levels

When creating an internal academy format for S&OP or as we call it, enterprise program, we want to stress the fact that it is important to provide the same message to all levels of the organization.

It would be a pity to train the operational teams while not challenging the managers, that design these processes, with this knowledge. Through training, we help to translate your improved S&OP vision to operational goals while explaining and training the execution teams the benefit of S&OP and how it will improve their work.

Broaden your horizon

“I’ve been in this company for 20 years so ergo I’m blind and in need of some fresh air”. This quote summarizes the importance of looking beyond your company borders when it comes to S&OP.

With over a decade of experience in the field, our teachers bring practical examples and cases to each training session to challenge the way your teams think about S&OP. To make them question their way of working and to enable them to take actions to improve the planning processes.

Improvement Platform

As we live in a continuously changing environment and the fact that people come and go, it’s crucial to keep all knowledge in-house and not dependent on certain individuals of the team. Making sure your team speaks the same language and acts as one unit to generate ideas and techniques for problem-solving, is in our opinion the best way to efficiently grow in S&OP maturity.

By creating this continuous improvement platform every member of the team is well aware of the evolution of a current project and enthusiastic to initiate new ideas. As each of them understands the impact of a certain action on all related departments, the confidence grows to change settings and improve the process.

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